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Departures: Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field Airport (Hamilton, OH) [KHAO]
Arrival Time
N351VAP28BButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Fri 04:44PM ESTFri 05:59PM ESTFri 05:59PM EST
N370JAC172Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 10:16AM ESTSat 02:31PM ESTSat 02:31PM EST
N9515QC172Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 10:41AM ESTSat 11:12AM ESTSat 11:12AM EST
N303NBE36Wilmington Intl ()Sat 11:17AM ESTSat 01:58PM ESTSat 01:57PM EST
N75391PA34Knoxville Downtown Island ()Sat 11:21AM ESTSat 12:51PM ESTSat 12:43PM EST
N443RVCincinnati Muni ()Sat 12:15PM ESTSat 12:53PM ESTSat 12:53PM EST
N6327PPA24Clark Rgnl ()Sat 12:31PM ESTSat 01:07PM ESTSat 01:07PM EST
N2741HButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 12:45PM ESTSat 02:23PM ESTSat 02:23PM EST
N351VAP28BButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 01:46PM ESTSat 02:45PM ESTSat 02:45PM EST
N311WTButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 02:20PM ESTSat 03:03PM ESTSat 03:03PM EST
N28303AA5Dekalb-Peachtree ()Sat 03:14PM ESTSat 05:51PM ESTSat 05:50PM EST
N9515QC172Ohio State University ()Sat 04:04PM ESTSat 04:43PM ESTSat 04:42PM EST
N351VAP28BButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 04:42PM ESTSat 06:53PM ESTSat 06:53PM EST
N355VAC172Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sun 08:17AM ESTSun 09:02AM ESTSun 09:02AM EST
N2928XPA32Mountain Empire ()Sun 09:52AM ESTSun 11:19AM ESTSun 11:17AM EST
N352VAP28AAsheville Rgnl ()Sun 10:02AM ESTSun 12:07PM ESTSun 12:01PM EST
N370JAC172Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sun 10:23AM ESTSun 01:22PM ESTSun 01:22PM EST
N82WHP32RButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sun 10:40AM ESTSun 11:15AM ESTSun 11:15AM EST
N6892YAESTVero Beach Rgnl ()Sun 11:04AM ESTSun 02:06PM ESTSun 02:06PM EST
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