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Departures: Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field Airport (Hamilton, OH) [KHAO]
Arrival Time
N9515QC172Delaware County ()Sat 06:54PM EDTSat 07:34PM EDTSat 07:40PM EDT
N7900GC172Cincinnati Muni ()Sat 05:47PM EDTSat 06:02PM EDTSat 06:02PM EDT
N311WTButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 05:27PM EDTSat 06:44PM EDTSat 06:44PM EDT
N9515QC172Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 03:31PM EDTSat 04:06PM EDTSat 04:06PM EDT
N31THAA5Custer ()Sat 03:11PM EDTSat 04:30PM EDTSat 04:33PM EDT
N1873E55PIndianapolis Intl ()Sat 03:07PM EDTSat 03:33PM EDTSat 03:29PM EDT
N9438AC140Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 02:49PM EDTSat 03:03PM EDTSat 03:03PM EDT
N5069UBL8Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 02:04PM EDTSat 02:29PM EDTSat 02:29PM EDT
N443RVCincinnati Muni ()Sat 01:55PM EDTSat 02:07PM EDTSat 02:07PM EDT
N613MWBE36Butler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Sat 12:29PM EDTSat 01:03PM EDTSat 01:03PM EDT
N114ADAC11Montgomery County Airpark ()Sat 10:19AM EDTSat 12:24PM EDTSat 12:24PM EDT
N1873E55PIndianapolis Intl ()Sat 07:24AM EDTSat 07:45AM EDTSat 07:45AM EDT
N20485C172Cincinnati Muni ()Sat 12:04AM EDTSat 12:17AM EDTSat 12:17AM EDT
N145WCEC45Cincinnati Muni ()Fri 07:45PM EDTFri 08:42PM EDTFri 08:42PM EDT
N6030RBE36Asheville Rgnl ()Fri 05:16PM EDTFri 06:53PM EDTFri 06:50PM EDT
N352VAP28ASmith Field ()Fri 04:50PM EDTFri 06:01PM EDTFri 06:00PM EDT
N8110BP28BButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Fri 04:40PM EDTFri 05:26PM EDTFri 05:26PM EDT
N19HLButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Fri 03:09PM EDTFri 03:36PM EDTFri 03:36PM EDT
N47881P28AButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Fri 01:26PM EDTFri 01:54PM EDTFri 01:54PM EDT
N742DTButler Co Rgnl-Hogan Field ()Fri 01:13PM EDTFri 01:33PM EDT01:33PM EDT (?)
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