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Departures: Groton-New London Airport (Groton (New London), CT) [KGON]
Arrival Time
N1072QP28AGroton-New London ()Sat 04:29PM EDTSat 04:54PM EDTSat 04:54PM EDT
N736MBH25BNaples Muni ()Sat 01:34PM EDTSat 04:24PM EDTSat 04:24PM EDT
N2060WBE35Heritage Field ()Sat 02:13PM EDTSat 03:42PM EDTSat 03:42PM EDT
N734UYOrange County ()Sat 02:28PM EDTSat 03:40PM EDTSat 03:40PM EDT
TKK95FA50New Castle ()Sat 02:43PM EDTSat 03:30PM EDTSat 03:26PM EDT
N689VManchester ()Sat 02:05PM EDTSat 02:53PM EDTSat 02:53PM EDT
N1072QP28AGroton-New London ()Sat 08:18AM EDTSat 01:49PM EDTSat 01:49PM EDT
N84007P28AWalter J Koladza ()Sat 10:53AM EDTSat 11:47AM EDTSat 11:47AM EDT
N891SFSR22Republic ()Sat 10:58AM EDTSat 11:39AM EDTSat 11:39AM EDT
N411FPDA40Waterbury-Oxford ()Sat 10:27AM EDTSat 11:05AM EDTSat 11:05AM EDT
N8261HP28AWaterbury-Oxford ()Sat 10:10AM EDTSat 10:52AM EDTSat 10:52AM EDT
N15190P28ALehigh Valley Intl ()Sat 08:36AM EDTSat 10:10AM EDTSat 10:10AM EDT
N88NGroton-New London ()Sat 08:41AM EDTSat 11:46AM EDT11:46AM EDT (?)
N34EZEssex County ()Sat 07:46AM EDTSat 08:28AM EDTSat 08:28AM EDT
N6228NC172Westchester County ()Fri 07:22PM EDTFri 08:30PM EDTFri 08:22PM EDT
N128WFTBM7Westchester County ()Fri 05:08PM EDTFri 05:39PM EDTFri 05:39PM EDT
N1072QP28AGroton-New London ()Fri 05:01PM EDTFri 05:37PM EDTFri 05:37PM EDT
N15190P28AWesterly State ()Fri 04:47PM EDTFri 04:53PM EDTFri 04:53PM EDT
N7963FP28APocono Mountains Muni ()Fri 01:48PM EDTFri 04:59PM EDTFri 04:47PM EDT
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