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Departures: Winter Haven's Gilbert Airport (Winter Haven, FL) [KGIF]
Arrival Time
N3527YC182Lakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sun 10:09AM ESTSun 10:30AM ESTSun 10:30AM EST
N412KJC82RBartow Muni ()Sun 10:08AM ESTSun 10:13AM EST10:13AM EST (?)
N22839C150Bartow Muni ()Sun 08:45AM ESTSun 08:55AM EST08:55AM EST (?)
N222RMC414Bartow Muni ()Sat 09:37PM ESTSat 09:42PM ESTSat 09:43PM EST
N324ABSR22Tampa Intl ()Sat 02:39PM ESTSat 06:10PM ESTSat 06:10PM EST
N999FBBE36Winter Haven's Gilbert ()Sat 05:32PM ESTSat 05:39PM ESTSat 05:39PM EST
N232SPP28ABartow Muni ()Sat 04:22PM ESTSat 05:32PM ESTSat 05:32PM EST
N7974BC172Lakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sat 02:46PM ESTSat 03:35PM ESTSat 03:35PM EST
N1265HPA34Lakeland Linder Rgnl ()Sat 02:28PM ESTSat 02:37PM ESTSat 02:37PM EST
N1724GBE33Winter Haven's Gilbert ()Sat 01:26PM ESTSat 01:39PM ESTSat 01:39PM EST
N190ASPC12Dekalb-Peachtree ()Sat 11:58AM ESTSat 01:29PM ESTSat 01:28PM EST
N192DSDA40Ormond Beach Muni ()Sat 10:53AM ESTSat 11:39AM ESTSat 11:37AM EST
N36VKBE36Apalachicola Rgnl-Cleve Randolph Field ()Sat 10:01AM ESTSat 11:19AM ESTSat 11:19AM EST
N693JDSR22Naples Muni ()Sat 09:59AM ESTSat 10:57AM ESTSat 10:57AM EST
N32047P28RLeesburg Intl ()Sat 10:01AM ESTSat 10:23AM ESTSat 10:23AM EST
N918WGSebring Rgnl ()Sat 09:51AM ESTSat 10:11AM ESTSat 10:11AM EST
N194CRZephyrhills Muni ()Sat 09:45AM ESTSat 10:00AM ESTSat 10:00AM EST
N22839C150Winter Haven's Gilbert ()Sat 07:58AM ESTSat 08:56AM ESTSat 08:56AM EST
N4545MBE58Burlington-Alamance Rgnl ()Fri 04:46PM ESTFri 07:25PM ESTFri 07:19PM EST
N7645YPA30New Tazewell Muni ()Fri 03:56PM ESTFri 07:17PM ESTFri 07:16PM EST
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