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Departures: Phoenix Deer Valley Airport (Phoenix, AZ) [KDVT]
Arrival Time
N423PAP28AYuma Intl ()Mon 05:33PM MSTMon 07:55PM MSTMon 07:55PM MST
N418PAP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:49PM MSTMon 07:49PM MSTMon 07:49PM MST
N24350C172Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 06:24PM MSTMon 07:38PM MSTMon 07:38PM MST
N682TMHDJTChino ()Mon 06:23PM MSTMon 07:28PM PDTMon 07:23PM PDT
N2134MC172Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 06:42PM MSTMon 07:23PM MSTMon 07:23PM MST
N4166HP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 06:02PM MSTMon 07:09PM MSTMon 07:09PM MST
N96798C182Scottsdale ()Mon 06:57PM MSTMon 07:08PM MSTMon 07:08PM MST
N154MEC172Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 03:13PM MSTMon 06:35PM MSTMon 06:35PM MST
N419PAP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 05:19PM MSTMon 06:26PM MSTMon 06:26PM MST
N433PAPA44Yuma Intl ()Mon 04:52PM MSTMon 06:25PM MSTMon 06:25PM MST
N678WWC172Buckeye Muni ()Mon 05:37PM MSTMon 06:02PM MSTMon 06:02PM MST
N922PAP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 03:59PM MSTMon 05:57PM MSTMon 05:57PM MST
N914PAP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:58PM MSTMon 05:52PM MSTMon 05:52PM MST
N4022WC172Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:31PM MSTMon 05:48PM MSTMon 05:48PM MST
N5218AC172Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:00PM MSTMon 05:36PM MSTMon 05:36PM MST
N4140WP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:49PM MSTMon 05:32PM MSTMon 05:32PM MST
N926PAP28APhoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:24PM MSTMon 05:30PM MSTMon 05:30PM MST
N316PAPA44Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 04:03PM MSTMon 05:26PM MSTMon 05:26PM MST
N555LXE300Phoenix Goodyear ()Mon 05:16PM MSTMon 05:25PM MSTMon 05:25PM MST
N2259RT210Phoenix Deer Valley ()Mon 03:31PM MSTMon 05:16PM MSTMon 05:16PM MST
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