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Departures: St Louis Downtown Airport (Cahokia/St Louis, IL) [KCPS]
Arrival Time
N599TALJ45Baton Rouge Metro ()Sat 09:58PM CDTSat 11:25PM CDTSat 11:28PM CDT
EMD26BE9LPoplar Bluff Muni ()Sat 08:12PM CDTSat 08:49PM CDTSat 08:49PM CDT
N189MSC25ATulsa Intl ()Sat 05:18PM CDTSat 06:34PM CDTSat 06:30PM CDT
N833JSC56XLouisville Intl ()Sat 04:35PM CDTSat 06:15PM EDTSat 06:21PM EDT
N5146VC72RPhilip Billard Muni ()Sat 04:07PM CDTSat 05:53PM CDTSat 05:53PM CDT
N413PGO1Sparta Community ()Sat 03:39PM CDTSat 04:02PM CDTSat 04:02PM CDT
N814BMC172St Louis Downtown ()Sat 03:31PM CDTSat 03:48PM CDTSat 03:48PM CDT
EJA966C750Friedman Memorial ()Sat 03:27PM CDTSat 04:59PM MDTSat 04:58PM MDT
N814BMC172St Louis Downtown ()Sat 02:56PM CDTSat 03:14PM CDTSat 03:14PM CDT
BKN26DV20St Louis Downtown ()Sat 02:51PM CDTSat 03:25PM CDTSat 03:25PM CDT
N717SHSR20St Louis Downtown ()Sat 02:37PM CDTSat 03:43PM CDTSat 03:43PM CDT
N834PCSt Louis Downtown ()Sat 02:14PM CDTSat 03:51PM CDTSat 03:51PM CDT
N814BMC172St Louis Downtown ()Sat 02:03PM CDTSat 02:20PM CDTSat 02:20PM CDT
N365SBLee C Fine Memorial ()Sat 02:03PM CDTSat 02:47PM CDTSat 02:47PM CDT
N20NLBE20Eppley Airfield ()Sat 01:36PM CDTSat 02:52PM CDTSat 02:51PM CDT
N413PGO1St Louis Downtown ()Sat 01:12PM CDTSat 01:30PM CDTSat 01:30PM CDT
BKN33St Louis Downtown ()Sat 01:01PM CDTSat 02:05PM CDTSat 02:05PM CDT
N628PCDV20St Louis Downtown ()Sat 12:45PM CDTSat 01:49PM CDTSat 01:49PM CDT
N2672QP28RSt Louis Downtown ()Sat 12:30PM CDTSat 12:30PM CDTSat 12:30PM CDT
N9166VM20PIndy South Greenwood ()Sat 11:55AM CDTSat 02:23PM EDTSat 02:22PM EDT
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