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Departures: Allegheny County Airport (Pittsburgh, PA) [KAGC]
Arrival Time
N76PMB350Harrisburg Intl ()Tue 09:14PM EDTTue 09:50PM EDT
N750SGH25BYork ()Tue 08:48PM EDTTue 09:17PM EDTTue 09:17PM EDT
N211RNLJ31Yeager ()Tue 06:46PM EDTTue 07:13PM EDTTue 07:13PM EDT
N375JCB427Raleigh County Memorial ()Tue 06:43PM EDTTue 07:53PM EDTTue 07:53PM EDT
N2244PC12Lehigh Valley Intl ()Tue 05:32PM EDTTue 06:24PM EDTTue 06:24PM EDT
N7967MBE35Greensburg Municipal ()Tue 05:08PM EDTTue 06:50PM EDTTue 06:50PM EDT
N8005GC77RCapital City ()Tue 02:31PM EDTTue 03:34PM EDTTue 03:39PM EDT
N603MEEC35Allegheny County ()Tue 01:33PM EDTTue 02:11PM EDTTue 02:11PM EDT
N384CFLJ35Teterboro ()Tue 01:06PM EDTTue 01:52PM EDTTue 01:53PM EDT
N507MEEC45Pittsburgh Children's Hospital ()Tue 12:26PM EDTTue 12:41PM EDTTue 12:41PM EDT
N156DHLJ60Spartanburg Dntn Mem ()Tue 11:34AM EDTTue 12:30PM EDTTue 12:25PM EDT
N601BSP28APort Columbus Intl ()Tue 11:27AM EDTTue 12:47PM EDTTue 12:50PM EDT
N303NBE36Wilmington Intl ()Tue 11:15AM EDTTue 01:48PM EDTTue 01:48PM EDT
N1743LAllegheny County ()Tue 11:11AM EDTTue 11:57AM EDTTue 11:57AM EDT
N1743LC172Allegheny County ()Tue 11:11AM EDTTue 11:19AM EDTTue 11:25AM EDT
CMF34SBE36Northeast Philadelphia ()Tue 10:57AM EDTTue 12:21PM EDTTue 12:21PM EDT
N603MEEC35Allegheny County ()Tue 10:55AM EDTTue 12:00PM EDTTue 12:32PM EDT
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