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En Route/Scheduled to GOOY Dakar Airport (Yoff) [GOOY]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
VNZ104B735Nouakchott–Oumtounsy Int'l ()Fri 03:00PM GMTFri 03:41PM GMT
THY591B739Nouakchott–Oumtounsy Int'l ()Fri 06:30PM GMTFri 06:27PM GMTFri 07:21PM GMT
VBW514E170Ouagadougou ()Fri 04:45PM GMTFri 07:25PM GMT
AEY3700B738Malpensa Int'l ()Fri 03:45PM CESTFri 07:35PM GMT
VNZ105B735Conakry Int'l (Gbessia Int'l) ()Fri 06:30PM GMTFri 07:40PM GMT
AAF533A320Marseille Provence ()Fri 04:45PM CESTFri 05:09PM CESTFri 07:50PM GMT
BEL204A333Banjul Int'l (Yundum Int'l) ()Fri 07:25PM GMTFri 07:58PM GMT
IBE3328A321Barajas Int'l ()Fri 06:00PM CESTFri 06:40PM CESTFri 08:38PM GMT
AFR718B77WCharles de Gaulle/Roissy ()Fri 04:20PM CESTFri 05:26PM CESTFri 08:38PM GMT
TAR613A320Tunis-Carthage Int'l ()Fri 05:10PM CETFri 06:12PM CETFri 10:22PM GMT
DAH5010B738Houari Boumedienne ()Fri 07:35PM CETFri 11:20PM GMT
TCV8002AT72Praia Int'l ()Fri 09:00PM -01Fri 11:35PM GMT
DLH8266MD11Frankfurt Int'l ()Fri 08:00PM CESTSat 12:00AM GMT
ARA396B738Kotoka Int'l ()Fri 09:15PM GMTSat 12:20AM GMT
RAM501B738Mohammed V Int'l ()Fri 09:30PM WETSat 12:45AM GMT
RAM503B738Mohammed V Int'l ()Fri 11:40PM WETSat 02:55AM GMT
ARA397B738Banjul Int'l (Yundum Int'l) ()Sat 02:45AM GMTSat 03:18AM GMT
TCV8001AT72Osvaldo Vieiro Int'l ()Sat 02:30AM GMTSat 03:30AM GMT
ETH909B763Senou Int'l ()Fri 03:10PM GMTSat 04:20AM GMT
SAA208A333Washington Dulles Intl ()Fri 05:40PM EDTSat 06:03AM GMT
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