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Cancelled Arrivals: Bergen, Flesland Airport (Bergen, Hordaland) [ENBR]
WIF508DH8CHaugesund, Karmoy ()Fri 06:55PM CET
WIF573DH8DKristiansund, Kvernberget ()Fri 05:10PM CET
SAS271B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Fri 04:20PM CET
SAS281B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Thu 06:20PM CET
WIF573DH8CKristiansund, Kvernberget ()Thu 05:10PM CET
SAS4176B736Stavanger, Sola ()Thu 04:10PM CET
WIF117DH8AFloro ()Wed 08:00PM CET
WIF162DH8ASogndal, Haukasen ()Wed 08:05AM CET
WIF577DH8CKristiansund, Kvernberget ()Tue 09:50PM CET
SAS273B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Tue 05:05PM CET
SAS4152B738Stavanger, Sola ()Tue 07:35AM CET
WIF117DH8AFloro ()Mon 08:00PM CET
WIF193DH8AForde, Bringeland ()Mon 07:27PM CET
JTG4173AT72Alesund, Vigra ()Mon 04:05PM CET
WIF588DH8DKristiansand, Kjevik ()Mon 01:45PM CET
WIF117DH8AFloro ()Sun 07:55PM CET
SAS273B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Sun 05:10PM CET
WIF519DH8CMolde, aro ()Fri 09:45PM CET
WIF577DH8CKristiansund, Kvernberget ()Fri 09:15PM CET
WIF117DH8AFloro ()Fri 08:00PM CET
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