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Scheduled Departures: Bodo Airport (Bodo, Nordland) [ENBO]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
WIF844DH8ASvolvaer, Helle ()Fri 04:50AM CETFri 05:10AM CET
WIF804DH8ALeknes ()Fri 05:30AM CETFri 05:50AM CET
WIF726DH8ASandnessjoen, Stokka ()Fri 06:00AM CETFri 06:29AM CET
SAS4103B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Fri 06:00AM CETFri 07:20AM CET
WIF766DH8AMo i Rana, Rossvoll ()Fri 06:25AM CETFri 06:50AM CET
NAX341B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Fri 07:00AM CETFri 08:20AM CET
SAS4105B738Oslo, Gardermoen ()Fri 07:05AM CETFri 08:30AM CET
WIF828DH8ASvolvaer, Helle ()Fri 08:00AM CETFri 08:20AM CET
WIF806DH8ALeknes ()Fri 08:00AM CETFri 08:20AM CET
WIF892DH8ARost ()Fri 08:10AM CETFri 08:30AM CET
WIF870DH8CHarstad/Narvik, Evenes ()Fri 08:15AM CETFri 08:48AM CET
VLU331DH8BTromso, Langnes ()Fri 08:40AM CETFri 09:30AM CET
NAX1772B738Gran Canaria Int'l ()Fri 09:00AM CETFri 02:30PM WET
LTR1AWH ()Fri 09:00AM CETFri 08:20AM UTC
VLU312DH8BTrondheim, Vaernes ()Fri 09:00AM CETFri 10:05AM CET
WIF748DH8AMosjoen, Kjaerstad ()Fri 10:15AM CETFri 10:44AM CET
SAS4556B737Tromso, Langnes ()Fri 10:20AM CETFri 11:01AM CET
SAS4107B736Oslo, Gardermoen ()Fri 10:30AM CETFri 11:50AM CET
WIF850DH8AStokmarknes, Skagen ()Fri 10:35AM CETFri 11:04AM CET
WIF708DH8CBronnoysund, Bronnoy ()Fri 10:40AM CETFri 11:17AM CET
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