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Departures: London Gatwick Airport (London, England) [EGKK]
Arrival Time
BAW2063777Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Int'l ()Mon 10:07PM GMTTue 01:18PM MUT
EZY8883A320Amsterdam Schiphol ()Mon 10:04PM GMTMon 11:56PM CETMon 11:51PM CET
RYR119B738Dublin Int'l ()Mon 09:58PM GMTMon 10:58PM GMTMon 10:51PM GMT
VLG7825A320Barcelona Int'l ()Mon 09:23PM GMTTue 12:02AM CETMon 11:52PM CET
NAX1319B738Bergen, Flesland ()Mon 09:14PM GMTMon 11:55PM CETMon 11:45PM CET
EIN249A320Dublin Int'l ()Mon 09:01PM GMTMon 10:02PM GMTMon 09:56PM GMT
UAE10A388Dubai Int'l ()Mon 08:56PM GMTTue 06:56AM GSTTue 06:59AM GST
TAP337A319Porto / Oporto ()Mon 08:50PM GMTMon 10:40PM WETMon 10:36PM WET
NAX1337B738Stavanger, Sola ()Mon 08:46PM GMTMon 11:14PM CETMon 11:04PM CET
NAX1341B738Trondheim, Vaernes ()Mon 08:43PM GMTMon 11:53PM CETMon 11:43PM CET
WOW815A320Keflavik Int'l ()Mon 08:39PM GMTMon 11:45PM GMT11:45PM GMT (?)
EZY8581A319Barcelona Int'l ()Mon 08:35PM GMTMon 11:16PM CETMon 11:06PM CET
RYR143B738Dublin Int'l ()Mon 08:33PM GMTMon 09:34PM GMTMon 09:28PM GMT
BEE806DH8DNewquay Cornwall ()Mon 08:30PM GMTMon 09:30PM GMT09:30PM GMT (?)
IBS3717A320Barajas Int'l ()Mon 08:25PM GMTMon 11:13PM CETMon 11:13PM CET
EZY5287A319Linate ()Mon 08:22PM GMTMon 10:43PM CETMon 10:38PM CET
EZY8419A319Lyon ()Mon 08:20PM GMTMon 10:23PM CETMon 10:19PM CET
EZY5347A320Hamburg ()Mon 08:18PM GMTMon 10:27PM CETMon 10:17PM CET
EZY5417A319Berlin ()Mon 08:11PM GMTMon 10:38PM CETMon 10:30PM CET
VLG7293A320Bilbao ()Mon 08:09PM GMTMon 10:34PM CETMon 10:24PM CET
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