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Cancelled Arrivals: Helsinki-Vantaa Airport (Vantaa) [EFHK]
WBA510E190Kuopio ()Fri 06:50PM EET
WBA326E190Vaasa ()Fri 06:40PM EET
WBA490AT72Joensuu ()Fri 06:35PM EET
WBA114AT72Tallinn ()Fri 06:00PM EET
WBA572AT72Jyvaskyla ()Fri 05:50PM EET
WBA226AT72Turku ()Fri 05:45PM EET
WBA266AT72Tampere-Pirkkala ()Fri 05:40PM EET
WBA586AT72Kemi-Tornio ()Fri 05:25PM EET
WBA122AT72Riga Int'l ()Fri 03:35PM EET
WBA324AT72Vaasa ()Fri 03:30PM EET
WBA108AT72Tallinn ()Fri 03:25PM EET
WBA508E190Kuopio ()Fri 03:25PM EET
WBA264AT72Tampere-Pirkkala ()Fri 03:15PM EET
WBA366E190Oulu ()Fri 03:15PM EET
WBA594AT72Kronoby (Kokkola and Jakobstad) ()Fri 03:15PM EET
WBA990AT72Stockholm-Bromma ()Fri 02:00PM CET
SAS2700B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Tue 08:55AM CET
SAS2700B737Oslo, Gardermoen ()Mon 08:55AM CET
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