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Arrivals: Cologne Bonn Airport (Cologne/Bonn) [EDDK]
EWG107Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Tue 10:36PM +07Wed 04:52AM CET
CGF194Leipzig/Halle ()Wed 03:42AM CETWed 04:24AM CET
BCS328East Midlands ()Wed 01:54AM GMTWed 04:05AM CET
BCS196Leipzig/Halle ()Wed 03:00AM CETWed 03:44AM CET
MNB224Leipzig/Halle ()Wed 02:16AM CETWed 03:01AM CET
SXS112B738Antalya ()Wed 12:06AM +03Wed 01:31AM CET
SRR6977East Midlands ()Tue 10:59PM GMTWed 01:06AM CET
TUI2829B738Madeira Int'l (Funchal) ()Tue 08:09PM WETWed 01:06AM CET
UPS243B763Barcelona Int'l ()Tue 11:02PM CETWed 12:57AM CET
UPS235B763London Stansted ()Tue 10:51PM GMTWed 12:51AM CET
UPS291B763Malmo ()Tue 11:44PM CETWed 12:46AM CET
SRR6401Orio al Serio Int'l ()Tue 11:32PM CETWed 12:34AM CET
SRR6119Munich Int'l ()Tue 11:46PM CETWed 12:31AM CET
SRR6565East Midlands ()Tue 10:25PM GMTWed 12:29AM CET
VAS633B734Vnukovo ()Tue 11:23PM MSKWed 12:24AM CET
SRR6645Porto / Oporto ()Tue 09:03PM WETWed 12:22AM CET
UPS237B763East Midlands ()Tue 10:08PM GMTWed 12:15AM CET
SRR6529Dublin Int'l ()Tue 09:36PM GMTWed 12:10AM CET
MNB6121Istanbul Ataturk Int'l ()Tue 11:15PM +03Wed 12:09AM CET
UPS295B752Václav Havel Airport ()Tue 11:14PM CETWed 12:06AM CET
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