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En Route/Scheduled to EDDF Frankfurt Int'l Airport (Frankfurt am Main) [EDDF]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
DLH8019A30BLeipzig/Halle ()Tue 04:20AM CESTTue 05:15AM CEST
DLH8125B752Leipzig/Halle ()Tue 05:05AM CESTTue 06:00AM CEST
DLH693A321Near AmmanTue 03:03AM EESTTue 03:03AM EESTTue 06:01AM CEST
DLH601B744Imam Khomeini Int'l ()Tue 03:10AM IRDTTue 03:53AM IRDTTue 06:09AM CEST
THA920B773Suvarnabhumi Bangkok Int'l ()Mon 11:45PM ICTTue 12:09AM ICTTue 06:12AM CEST
ACA872B77WToronto Pearson Int'l ()Mon 04:50PM EDTMon 05:09PM EDTTue 06:12AM CEST
CPA289B77WHong Kong Int'l ()Tue 12:30AM HKTTue 12:44AM HKTTue 06:14AM CEST
ACA874A333Montreal-Trudeau ()Mon 05:00PM EDTMon 05:30PM EDTTue 06:15AM CEST
CSN331A332Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Tue 12:05AM CSTTue 12:35AM CSTTue 06:16AM CEST
DLH779A388Singapore Changi ()Mon 11:40PM SGTTue 12:12AM SGTTue 06:25AM CEST
QTR69B77WNear DohaTue 01:39AM ASTTue 01:39AM ASTTue 06:27AM CEST
CCA431A333Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l ()Tue 01:30AM CSTTue 01:44AM CSTTue 06:30AM CEST
GFA17A320Bahrain Int'l ()Tue 01:25AM ASTTue 01:27AM ASTTue 06:35AM CEST
DLH623A333King Khalid Int'l ()Tue 02:15AM ASTTue 02:15AM ASTTue 06:37AM CEST
UAL989B772Washington Dulles Intl ()Mon 05:20PM EDTMon 05:34PM EDTTue 06:37AM CEST
CAL61B77WTaiwan Taoyuan Int'l ()Mon 11:30PM CSTMon 11:46PM CSTTue 06:40AM CEST
DLH73A320Dusseldorf Int'l ()Tue 06:00AM CESTTue 06:41AM CEST
CCA965B789Beijing Capital Int'l ()Tue 02:30AM CSTTue 02:52AM CSTTue 06:51AM CEST
DLH1331A321Mohammed V Int'l ()Tue 02:44AM WESTTue 02:44AM WESTTue 06:54AM CEST
DLH157A319Leipzig/Halle ()Tue 06:05AM CESTTue 06:55AM CEST
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