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En Route/Scheduled to EBBR Brussels Airport (Brussels) [EBBR]
Departure Time
Arrival Time
RYR162B738Berlin ()Thu 06:20AM CESTThu 07:40AM CEST
BMR3570E145Nantes Atlantique ()Thu 06:55AM CESTThu 08:05AM CEST
RLA3200E145Nantes Atlantique ()Thu 08:25AM CESTThu 09:34AM CEST
RLA4312E145Lyon ()Thu 08:30AM CESTThu 09:56AM CEST
TAR688A320Angads ()Thu 06:35AM WETThu 11:34AM CEST
RAM838B738Mohammed V Int'l ()Thu 07:00AM WETThu 12:10PM CEST
BMR3654E145Strasbourg Entzheim ()Thu 11:45AM CESTThu 12:35PM CEST
JAF4454B738Ioannis Kapodistrias Int'l ()Thu 10:25AM EESTThu 02:01PM CEST
SWR780RJ1HZurich (Kloten) ()Thu 12:55PM CESTThu 02:10PM CEST
BMR3564E145Nantes Atlantique ()Thu 11:55AM CESTThu 03:27PM CEST
AAR941B741John F Kennedy Intl ()Thu 03:50AM EDTThu 04:22PM CEST
RAM832B738Mohammed V Int'l ()Thu 11:25AM WETThu 04:28PM CEST
EZY1535A319Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Thu 03:35PM CESTThu 04:42PM CEST
RLA4316E145Lyon ()Thu 03:35PM CESTThu 05:02PM CEST
RLA3206E145Nantes Atlantique ()Thu 04:00PM CESTThu 05:17PM CEST
SWR782RJ1HZurich (Kloten) ()Thu 05:00PM CESTThu 06:15PM CEST
BTI603DH8DRiga Int'l ()Thu 04:25PM EESTThu 06:18PM CEST
3O111A320Mohammed V Int'l ()Thu 01:25PM WETThu 06:26PM CEST
UAE9240B777Chicago O'Hare Intl ()Thu 04:05AM CDTThu 06:26PM CEST
SIA7971B744Los Angeles Intl ()Wed 11:25PM PDTThu 07:05PM CEST
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