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Departures: Brussels Airport (Brussels) [EBBR]
Arrival Time
JAF831Ostend-Bruges Int'l ()Sun 06:07AM CETSun 06:32AM CETSun 06:32AM CET
BCY3153Malpensa Int'l ()Sun 07:03AM CETSun 08:16AM CETSun 08:15AM CET
JAF49TAlicante ()Sun 06:24AM CETSun 08:29AM CET08:29AM CET (?)
SWR787Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 10:17AM CETSun 11:17AM CETSun 11:17AM CET
BCY2303Stockholm-Bromma ()Sun 10:16AM CETSun 12:08PM CETSun 12:03PM CET
SWR5071Zurich (Kloten) ()Sun 11:57AM CETSun 12:50PM CETSun 12:50PM CET
DLH2285Munich Int'l ()Sun 11:35AM CETSun 12:26PM CET12:26PM CET (?)
OO-JNLBrussels ()Sun 12:13PM CETSun 12:42PM CET12:42PM CET (?)
BCY3195Turin Int'l (Torino Caselle) ()Sun 12:53PM CETSun 02:08PM CETSun 02:01PM CET
EI-OZLLeipzig/Halle ()Sun 01:47PM CETSun 02:44PM CETSun 02:44PM CET
EZS1536Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Sun 02:09PM CETSun 03:26PM CETSun 03:32PM CET
RAM353Mohammed V Int'l ()Sun 01:06PM CETSun 04:06PM WETSun 03:19PM WET
PH-FJKNimes ()Sun 04:10PM CETSun 05:44PM CETSun 05:44PM CET
BCS121Leipzig/Halle ()Sun 05:17PM CETSun 06:13PM CETSun 06:13PM CET
BEL1CPJohn F Kennedy Intl ()Sun 03:47PM CETSun 12:37PM ESTSun 12:37PM EST
DLH2291Munich Int'l ()Sun 05:52PM CETSun 06:45PM CET06:45PM CET (?)
BEL2905Vienna Int'l (Schwechat) ()Sun 06:26PM CETSun 07:52PM CETSun 07:52PM CET
9H-VFBVnukovo ()Sun 05:30PM CETSun 10:34PM MSKSun 10:34PM MSK
D-AEASLondon Heathrow ()Sun 07:49PM CETSun 07:49PM GMTSun 07:49PM GMT
BCS352East Midlands ()Sun 08:10PM CETSun 08:04PM GMTSun 08:04PM GMT
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