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Departures: Brussels Airport (Brussels) [EBBR]
Arrival Time
INSP612Brussels ()Sat 02:20AM CETSat 02:21AM CETSat 02:21AM CET
BCS365East Midlands ()Sat 12:50AM CETSat 12:41AM GMTSat 12:41AM GMT
D-AEARLeipzig/Halle ()Sat 12:43AM CETSat 01:36AM CETSat 01:36AM CET
DHK117Leipzig/Halle ()Sat 12:11AM CETSat 01:18AM CETSat 01:18AM CET
GLJ82PELarnaca Int'l ()Fri 11:52PM CETSat 04:26AM EETSat 04:26AM EET
AFL2619B738Sheremetyevo Int'l ()Fri 11:49PM CETSat 04:54AM MSKSat 04:54AM MSK
BMR1108E135Newcastle ()Fri 10:53PM CETFri 10:56PM GMTFri 10:52PM GMT
RWD701A330Kigali Int'l ()Fri 10:47PM CETSat 07:57AM CAT
RYR1457B738Dublin Int'l ()Fri 10:32PM CETFri 10:53PM GMTFri 10:53PM GMT
BCY3569SU9Nantes Atlantique ()Fri 10:08PM CETFri 11:10PM CETFri 11:07PM CET
RYR167B738Berlin ()Fri 09:56PM CETFri 11:00PM CETFri 11:00PM CET
BEL2183A320Manchester ()Fri 09:52PM CETFri 09:44PM GMTFri 09:44PM GMT
VLG8991A320Barcelona Int'l ()Fri 09:50PM CETFri 11:32PM CETFri 11:28PM CET
BEL2725A320Geneva Cointrin Int'l ()Fri 09:48PM CETFri 10:50PM CETFri 10:50PM CET
BEL2103A320London Heathrow ()Fri 09:47PM CETFri 09:33PM GMTFri 09:33PM GMT
BEL3603A319Marseille Provence ()Fri 09:45PM CETFri 11:16PM CETFri 11:08PM CET
BEL2049A319Birmingham Int'l ()Fri 09:43PM CETFri 09:35PM GMTFri 09:35PM GMT
BEL3207A319Marco Polo Int'l (Marco Polo Venice) ()Fri 09:42PM CETFri 11:06PM CETFri 11:03PM CET
BEL2065A319Edinburgh ()Fri 09:41PM CETFri 09:57PM GMTFri 09:50PM GMT
EZS86UTGeneva Cointrin Int'l ()Fri 09:40PM CETFri 10:43PM CETFri 10:43PM CET
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