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Departures: Frasca Fld Airport (Urbana, IL) [C16]

Arrival Time
N327CHEC30Near Kankakee, ILMon 12:10AM CDTMon 12:35AM CDTMon 12:35AM CDT
N595AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSun 03:09PM CDTSun 03:11PM CDTSun 03:11PM CDT
N438AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILFri 09:11PM CDTFri 09:14PM CDTFri 09:14PM CDT
N438AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSun 09:30PM CDTSun 09:32PM CDTSun 09:32PM CDT
N438AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILTue 10:01PM CDTTue 10:05PM CDTTue 10:05PM CDT
N595AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSun 12:06PM CDTSun 12:08PM CDTSun 12:08PM CDT
N595AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILMon 12:59AM CDTMon 01:01AM CDTMon 01:01AM CDT
N246AMB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILFri 06:29PM CDTFri 06:32PM CDTFri 06:32PM CDT
N246AMB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSat 08:16PM CDTSat 08:21PM CDTSat 08:21PM CDT
N458AMB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILWed 08:49PM CDTWed 08:51PM CDTWed 08:51PM CDT
N499AEB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILWed 10:37PM CDTWed 10:40PM CDTWed 10:40PM CDT
N327CHEC30Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSun 06:21PM CDTSun 07:25PM CDTSun 07:25PM CDT
N438AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILWed 11:33PM CDTWed 11:36PM CDTWed 11:36PM CDT
N101AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSun 09:47PM CDTSun 09:49PM CDTSun 09:49PM CDT
N246AMB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSat 05:58PM CDTSat 05:59PM CDTSat 05:59PM CDT
N290AEB06Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSat 03:14PM CDTSat 03:16PM CDTSat 03:16PM CDT
N246AMB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILMon 05:30AM CDTMon 05:32AM CDTMon 05:32AM CDT
N306LFEC30Near Champaign/Urbana, ILFri 11:52PM CDTFri 11:54PM CDTFri 11:54PM CDT
N327CHEC30Near Champaign/Urbana, ILSat 12:50PM CDTSat 02:12PM CDTSat 02:12PM CDT
N196AEB407Near Champaign/Urbana, ILWed 08:27PM CDTWed 08:30PM CDTWed 08:30PM CDT
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