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Cancelled Departures: Honiara Int'l Airport (Honiara, Guadalcanal) [AGGH]
SOL376DHC6Fera/Maringe ()Wed 03:00PM SBT
SOL802DHC6Munda ()Wed 03:00PM SBT
SOL342DHC6Seghe ()Wed 03:00PM SBT
SOL836DH8BKirakira ()Wed 01:00PM SBT
SOL340DHC6Seghe ()Mon 03:30PM SBT
SOL326DHC6Rennell/Tingoa ()Sun 11:01AM SBT
SOL342DHC6Seghe ()Sun 08:30AM SBT
FJI268B737Nadi Int'l ()Sat 04:30PM SBT
SOL4324DHC6Rennell/Tingoa ()Tue 11:10AM SBT
SOL320DHC6Rennell/Tingoa ()
SOL4534BN2PUru Harbour ()
SOL4320DHC6Rennell/Tingoa ()
SOL4520BN2PBellona/Anua ()
SOL4346DHC6Seghe ()
SOL4376DHC6Fera/Maringe ()
SOL4320DHC6Rennell/Tingoa ()
SOL800DH8BNusatupe ()
SOL4342DHC6Suavanao ()
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