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Version 3.0 Beta


The FlightXML API is an innovative web service that allows customers to design their own applications that leverage the extensive aviation data offered by FlightAware. Applications can access and respond to information about current, upcoming, and recently completed flights.

Queries for in-flight aircraft return a set of matching aircraft based on a combination of parameters, like location, flight or tail number, origin and/or destination airport, aircraft type, and/or a low-to-high range of altitude and/or ground speed, plus others. For each matching aircraft, data returned includes the flight or tail number, the aircraft type, origin and destination, time the last position was received, and the longitude, latitude, groundspeed, and altitude of that position. Matching flight tracks can also be requested.

For airports, FlightXML queries can return a list of scheduled flights, flights that have departed, flights that are enroute to the airport, and flights that have arrived at the airport.

What's new in Version 3.0 Beta

Version 3.0 is a major update to the previous functionality offered by FlightXML 2.0 and focuses on these major areas of improvement:

Version 3.0 is currently available for "Beta" testing by customers interested in getting a sneak peek at our upcoming API release and helping us by providing early feedback. During the beta period, only a portion of our planned functionality will be available for access. In particular, pushed notifications and geospatial (birdseye) queries are not currently available during the initial beta testing period but are expected to be offered closer to the official production launch date.

Additionally, since some aspects of the Version 3.0 API are not yet finalized, some aspects of the service should be expected to change between now and the official production launch. This may require modifications to any applications designed against the beta version of the API.

Legacy users of FlightXML 1.0 and FlightXML 2.0 will continue to be able to access those versions of the API without any changes to their applications. Each version uses a different endpoint URL which ensures that versions of the APIs are accessed independently.

Typical Uses

Possible uses of FlightXML include:


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