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FBO ToolBox

The most powerful FBO market analysis feature set available

Built in response to overwhelming acceptance of FlightAware by the FBO industry, FBO ToolBox enhances current FlightAware offerings while delivering new powerful tools and useful information into the hands of FBO managers, enabling them to see a more complete picture of the flying habits of their current and potential customers. This is the most powerful GA market analysis tool available.

Enhanced Flight Tracking

  • Estimated Fuel Burn - Our proprietary potential fuel uplift calculation feature allows you to quickly see how much fuel an aircraft has consumed on its flight to your facility, and the amount of fuel it is going to consume for its flight out of your facility. This is extremely powerful information when you pull the fuel truck up to the aircraft. When the customer asks for 100 gallons, and you know they have capacity for 500 gallons, that's the information you need to sell more fuel!

  • Past Visits - See how many times an aircraft has been to your airport and your area in the past 3 or 12 months.

  • Remarks - This feature is very useful to FBO's who want to share information about particular flights, customers, pilots, passengers, catering preferences, rental car preferences, etc. among FBO staff and management. Anyone within the FBO organization, properly designated by the leader of the "Flight Crew," will have access to this information, ensuring a continuity of service and proper communication of important information.

  • Blocked Aircraft Status - Ensure that you and your team are aware of all inbound aircraft - even blocked ones! We can disclose the departure airport and estimated arrival time, however the tail number/registration and aircraft type remain blocked.

  • More Alerts, More MyAircraft - FBO ToolBox provides higher limits on alerts and MyAircraft allowing you to keep any eye out for up to 100 aircraft at once.

  • NEW! Base Aircraft - The base aircraft feature will let you specify your most important customers. These tail numbers get a special icon on the Airport Tracker page and can be used in filters throughout FBO ToolBox.

  • NEW! Minutes Out - Allow us to calculate how much time you have until the next arrival. The "Minutes Out" column will show you exact ETEs and ETDs for all of the airport traffic.

Customer Service Notification
Enhanced live airport flight tracker with exclusive customer service notifications.
Detailed Flight Tracker Page
Detailed information about each flight, including estimated fuel burn, past visits, base airport, and more.
Flight Alert Notification
Advanced flight alert notifications so you don't miss a single flight.

Market Analysis Tools

  • Fuel Price Analysis - Quickly compare your fuel prices with other FBOs on your field, other FBOs in your area, and the top origin and destination airports for your field. Use this tool to ensure that you are priced correctly compared to the competition.

  • Airport Reports - Instantly download an Excel report of all arrivals/departures for your airport for a given time period. Create mailing lists, analyze trends, and create the perfect sales pitch!

  • Aircraft Registration and Analysis - This tool lists in an easy to read format the top destination airports and top trips for any aircraft you may be interested in. It also plots monthly activity and fuel burn. This is a helpful tool when trying to understand the flying patterns of a potential new base customer or understanding who your real competition is when it comes to servicing an aircraft at your base.

Price Analysis Page
Powerful tools like the fuel price analysis page let you study your competitors
Airport Report Tool
With the airport report tool, you can download a report of the arrivals and departures for any day within your subscription period
Airport History Report
Example of the FBO ToolBox airport history report


  • FlightAware has teamed up with AMSTAT, the oldest and most respected corporate aircraft research firm in aviation. The integration of FlightAware FBO ToolBox with the actual aircraft operator information of AMSTAT ensures that the FBO ToolBox user has the most up-to-date contact information for the FBO's marketing needs. AMSTAT is an additional $170/month.

FBO Listing And Fuel Price Updates

  • Our Airport Information Page is a great source for pilots to reference when planning their flights, especially when it comes to choosing an FBO. Make sure your FBO is listed on this page with the most recent fuel price information included. It's simple to do!

  • Email your updated retail fuel prices to us as often as you like, and they will be immediately posted on the Airport Information Page for pilots and dispatchers to see.

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"FBO ToolBox is a crucial part of our marketing and customer service initiatives at TAC Air."


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