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Squawks & HeadlinesVideo Caravan Landing Engine Out

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Video Caravan Landing Engine Out

Cessna Caravan making an emergency landing dead stick. Well done sir. (www.youtube.com) More...

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mark wenkman 4
I think the pilot was related to Bob Hoover.
Reuben Smith 4
He should have made the jumpers stay in the plane... It is always nice to have someone to scream with you.
Thomas Foster 2
The judgmental spectators were funny, critiquing him the whole way down about how he was going to stall it and then acting like he was awesome the second it touched down. Good job pilot. Shut up foul-mouthed junior high kids at the DZ.
Dule K. 2
Bravo!!!! Superb job!!!! That's how a real pilot does it, instead of pilots of certain aircraft (not gonna name it) would immediately rely in the red parachute handle just above them.
James Farnsworth 1
that 1% of pilots
J. Vanfleet 2
When I learned to fly dead stick landings were part of the things that we did. Today they teach pilots to be operators. Sad.
DashTrash 3
They're still part of training. Doesn't mean losing an engine in a single is a non-event.
James Farnsworth 1
Yes you are 100% correct and I don’t like it at all. As long as people make airplanes there will be emergencies. Had this not been a skydive pilot that is forced to push the airplane and his own stick and rudder skills each time he fly’s the outcome may have not been so good. And the fact he was over the airport. To me most pilots that learned to fly in glass cockpits with nice autopilots don’t have the same stick and rudder skills of a pilot trained in an old 80’s C-172 even more when it comes to IFR. I think I had over 2K hours before I had a autopilot that would even think of flying an IFR app.
Not saying the man didn’t do a good job, just saying he had about everything going for him any pilot could ask for in that emergency.
rjb4000 1
Yeah back in my day we hand cranked our car engines to life and we wrote letters with feather and quill… All this automation today is ruining us!
James Farnsworth 1
if you look at the facts and numbers it sure is.
Ricardo Mondella 1
good job !!!!
Better than SSA! You bet!
Klemons 1
Sir, you are a Boss