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Squawks & HeadlinesVirgin aims for first space launch within a year

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Virgin aims for first space launch within a year

They've sold 430 tickets already. What recession? I figured he's sell a ton after the first people went up and started talking about it but I'm surprised about the pre-sale. (www.france24.com) More...

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Nell Lukosavich 0
Time for SpaceAware.com
Kawaiipoint2 0
Ya, how will FlightAware track these "flights" considering the space ship itself jettisons from another aircraft..
mark tufts 0
will they may have 2 starting 2 use gps systems on them
P.J. Gibson 0
There goes part of my inheritance! Oh well.....you only live once.....Go for it!
Pilot78 0
SpaceAware is it!