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Squawks & HeadlinesVideo: Drifting (Unintentionally) in a Boeing 737

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Video: Drifting (Unintentionally) in a Boeing 737

This SAS 737 was taxiing after touching down in Norway when it started sliding on an ice-covered taxiway. Whee! (nycaviation.com) More...

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mark tufts 0
they should have sanded and salted the taxiway and runway
Root User 0
now we know which way the wind is from... expensive weather vanes they have up there
dj evans 0
hey mark think smart you cant use salt at an airport otherwise it will eat away at the metal
mark tufts 0
i forgot about that but i know sand will work if i am not mistaken
Haha, this video is great. Im sure he just shut down and had them tow him in. I think there was probably some pax that wanted to got for another spin :)

Here in SLC they use a liquid deicer when its real bad, bust mostly just plows, sweepers, and blowers.
Jim Morris 0
Sand is FOD, not to be used on ramps, taxiways, or runways
I've had a similar experience in a hospital-style wheelchair....sliding 360-degree loop...on black ice....I can't imagine what was going through the passengers or crews minds when this happened. Wow