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(Video) World's shortest commercial flight

At just over one nautical mile between them, Kegata and Apowo airstrips in Papua, Indonesia are separated by a deep valley making aircraft an ideal mode of transport between the two villages. Take a ride with the locals in the Pilatus PC-6 Turbo Porter on the 73 second flight from Kegata to Apowo. ( More...

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Hayden Pellegrino 6
Where do they get the fuel for the flights?
Daniel Baker 3
I imagine the airplane isn't used exclusively for this route.
Er.A.K. Mittal -2
Dear friend Hayden Pellegrino, as our friend Daniel Baker has stated , the same bird can fly to nearby filling station(airport) to fill her belly. No ? .
Or in extreme situation, by chopper with special fuel tanks !
In the Air
bill54494 5
At 2:00 I love watching the man in back with the black cap praying! He's holding on to the seat back for dear life.
legoboyvdlp 5
Nice! However it is not the shortest, at least in amount of time. (Westray to Papa Westray is faster, once it took only 53 seconds)
joel wiley 2
I saw that. I thought the walk would have been good for him. Am sure he had his reasons for flying.
Peter Low 3
I am afraid that you are wrong. The shortest is between 2 islands in Scotland. See the attached !!
Leighton Elliott 2
Fastest he ever did it was 53 seconds. Shortest SCHEDULED Airline flight. Hell of a way to build up hours lol.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
The flight between Westray and Papa Westray in the Orkney Islands is longer in distance, but can be done in 47 seconds under ideal wind conditions.
roryg 2
In the comments, the pilot says that this isn't a regular, scheduled service. Only when there is demand or a charter.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
The shortest commercial flight here in the Province of Quebec is from Montmagny to Île aux Grues. It takes about 3 minutes and is normally flown back and forth three times a day. Morning and afternoon flights replace schoolbuses, so students have priority. The company is called Air Montmagny, their website is in French only.
Lloyd Boyette 2
What an incredibly cool blog this guy has. Very inspirational for pilots wanting to do something different.
Jamar Jackson 2
And I complain about the 405. That walk down and up that hill must take half a day
Michael Fuquay 2
It sure would take a while to rack up some hours.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
Dear friend Wolfgang Prigge, found a link indicating that distance travelled by this flight is 'just over a nautical mile '.
BTW, same VDO .

Enjoy !
Though I wonder about the cost of ticket ? Vi-a-vis these poor highlanders !
The 405 is worse than that hill!!!
Leighton Elliott 1
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
I guess here we mean 'distance' and not 'duration'.
Right my friend Wolfgang Prigge ?
Plus other 'iffs' added by you !
Jerry Rader 1
To use an airplane between the airports in Papua is probably more justified and practical than the one between the Orkney Islands. I wouldn't want to have to travel by foot across that ravine to get to the other side. A boat ride could be made between the islands. As far as the duration goes, under ideal wind conditions the Pilatus might also be able to trim the 73 second flight.
Wolfgang Prigge 2
If the flight in the Orkneys is still going on it must be because there are enough people willing to pay the fare.
joel wiley 1
Looked like there was an elevation difference between Papuas, which must be considered also.
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Yes, you are right, as I indicated, the flight in the Orkneys is longer in distance and shorter in duration if the wind conditions are right.
raymond watson 1
What no inflight meals,cheapo airline,ha,good vidio though.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
What a lovely rendering(VDO)
Rightly(perhaps) the shortest COMMERCIAL flight !
A great pick up dear friend Daniel Baker, thumbs up !
john ashton 1
What, 2 seconds faster than Westray to papa Westray in the Scottish Islands but a downhill take off!!
N47 1
personally I could have done without the sound track
flyerh 1
Who does the pilot fly for? Not MAF as he is not wearing the mandatory helmet. I am assuming the location is not near the border with Papua, New Guinea, as that is primarily Dani territory and I didn't see anyone wearing penis gourds. Or, did he mean Papua New Guinea and West Papua (formerly Irian Jaya, Indonesia? I'm assuming the location was not along the "Neck of the Bird" as I don't recall any airfields there. (access from Serui across open sea in a dug out canoe) So, is the location near the "Head of the Bird" near Fak Fak? Just interested. I've had to walk for days in dense jungle when a short few minutes flight would get you over the village.
George Curtis 1
Beautiful landscape but a bugger to walk. That's why tey fly!
George Curtis 1
A bugger to walk between villages so that's why they fly! Great video - thanks.
Bruce Pollock 1
Shortest flight or not, that Pilatus continues to amaze me. Such capability.
pnschi 1
Thank goodness they didn't violate the law requiring seriously crappy music on Vimeo.
Kurt Anderson 1
Let this so called Professor live in Russia, China or North Korea for some years and see if he doesn't change his mind.
Time to go back to grade school Professor.
Kurt Anderson 1
Sorry, I posted to the wrong site.
Richard Shirley 1
Has to be hard on that engine can see them making any money on this route lol
Ken Heider 1
A little hard to build up any time that way...
Ted St Pierre 1
Could that video have taken any longer to load?
silas alves 1
Muito bom,gostei ,queria estar neste voo.
joel wiley 2
True, but plenty of time for prayer- check the guy in row 2 at 2:02
Amen Brother
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
You can down vote it on Youtube and also give your candid opinion there also .
This may help .
choice is yours. U R the boss of ur soul .
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
You bet my friend James Farnsworth.
All those valleys and mountains .
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
yeah, no dine , no wine, no dance !
Sad !
joel wiley 1
"That which does not kill me makes me stronger" quote by some dead guy.
andy streit 1
Couldnt get the video to work. Any hints to help me out?
gerstj1 1
Download VLC media player and try again. It is pretty universal.
jagerardi -3
Horrible video. The music sucked, and more to the point, at 73 seconds, why not show the entire flight? Who needs to look at passengers?

Peter Low 2
Nice to know that you appreciated the video (?). As to "music sucks". Sucks means to draw in through the mouth. Maybe you should try it via your ears ?? Just asking.
Karl Scribner 0
It would be interesting to see the flight from a ground camera position.
cheneyja 0
very nice video! I should be there doing that!
sandra miller 0
So cool!
How hard would it be to add CC or SDH for those of us who cannot hear talking heads or voices over.
Otherwise, let the adage ''One picture is worth a thousand words'' serve the Hearing just like it must do the Non-Hearing.
Cheers and Ciao for now.


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