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Squawks & HeadlinesHas Delta Scheduled Their Final DC-9 Flight for January 6, 2014?

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Has Delta Scheduled Their Final DC-9 Flight for January 6, 2014?

In 1965, the very first McDonnell Douglas DC-9 was delivered to Delta Air Lines. The aircraft flew its first passenger flight on December 8, 1965 from Atlanta to Memphis. Now 48 years later, the final DC-9 flight, operated by a major U.S. airline, has been scheduled for January 6, 2014. (airchive.com) More...

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Ric Wernicke 2
Hugh Hefner had a DC-9-32 in the early 70's. Solid black exterior with a big bunny tail. Now that was a great airplane! A flight from Chicago to LA seemed so short. Aboard it was strictly business, but after it landed it sometimes took hours to get home.

JetChaser 1
It's sad.
Bradley Johnson 1
They have, and I will be sitting in the exit row, window, 2 side!
Jon Van Staalduinen 1
Wait....we have heard this before.....
Unfortunatley with the 717's arriving from southwest it looks likes it's really happening this time....