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Airport Receives grant

Airport receives runway maintenance grant for sealing and stiping. ( More...

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$156,222...Preacher, you should have called...I have a Colombian friend who could have rounded up a gang of illegals and SealCoat from Home Depot (5% discount using Ebates) to get the job done for $80K. That leaves $76,222 for you and me and the politicians can still strut around. After two years we can do it all again before the 2016 election.
preacher1 1
LOL. Well, it let's the Airport manager strut anyway.
Pileits 1
What is "stiping"
preacher1 1
Well, I guess I got fumble fingered and the one time the auto-correct didn't work, so it must be a word.LOL
The application of "Stipes" by the non-English speaking crew hired by Preacher and myself...LOL


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