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End of an Era as FedEx Express Retires Last B727

The last Fedex Boeing 727 landed today after a flight from KIND to KMEM. FedEx flew 727s for 35 years. ( More...

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Pileits 3
What a great airplane the 727 was. Got my 1st jet type rating in a 727-100.
oowmmr 1
PSA had new 727s at KSJC back when. The smiling nose was always enjoyable. I flew on one to KLAX with my dad.
Timothy McDonnell 1
Sad to see them go but they were just no longer feasible to operate.
Jon Van Staalduinen 1
Hope room in the desert for all the ones not donated.....
slgordon3 1
For 6 years i lived right in the approach path at PHL, I could always hear the FedEx 727s taking off. Those things are loud compared to newer planes, but i'm gonna miss em for sure.
Ted Sommer 1
Ah yes, the famous words PSA, great airline hated to change uniforms for the east of the mississippi.....
oowmmr 1
I didn't know they flew that far east. Is there another/insider acronym?
KingAir06a 0
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The End Of An Era

After more than 30 years, FedEx ends Boeing 727 service. The last flight (FDX727) landed in Memphis today around 1:30PM to great fanfare. Here's a look at the flight


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