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Squawks & HeadlinesBrand new Swiss Airlines Airbus A330 damaged in Montreal

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Brand new Swiss Airlines Airbus A330 damaged in Montreal

What should have been a routine service on Swiss Airlines flight LX087 last Saturday turned into a mini disaster. The photo says it all - a brand new aircraft damaged while heading to the runway. (www.theaviationwriter.com) More...

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joel wiley 1
Don't you just hate it when you put the first scratch on your new vehicle?
josh homer 1
Another member posted this yesterday, but was at -3 votes. Why do some members get downvoted into oblivion when they are the FIRST posters? Anyway a really dumb error by the pilot.
emmanuelaponte 1
Why does someone else other than me always win the lottery? I always buy the ticket on the FIRST day.

Some things Just work they way they work. Unfortunately, that's life.