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Female Pilot retiring after 44 years

Arkansas native retiring after a long career at Continental/United ( More...

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Congrats to her. A lot of moxy and right place right time made for a great career.
josh homer 2
Good post Preacher. What is sad that still in 2013, I hear guys make rude comments when they see a female pilot. When I was a crew scheduler, we had many female FO's and CA's, and even one trasngender CA! They get the same training are are equally as capable.
Er.A.K. Mittal 2
ThanX to persons like her that the proverbial 'glass ceiling' is breaking and more and more girls(young ladies) are taking a liking to the 'stick'.
It may be a while before they get their due share in the club. Sad but true. All because some men who are not men enough in the real sense.
preacher1 3
I never met her. Although born here, I was raised out in SW Oklahoma. I knew her dad & mom as they had a flower shop her. As far as I know, they will remain in Houston. There are several women up at Boeing in their test/delivery pilot group and everybody in that group wears 4 bars. Probably startles some folks and makes others jealous but that's life.


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