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Squawks & HeadlinesSenate approves plan to end FAA furloughs

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Senate approves plan to end FAA furloughs

Senate approves plan to end FAA furloughs. Just saw this on CNN. Thoughts? (www.cnn.com) More...

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They blinked so much they are blind.
Mark Schultz 2
Members of Congress didn't want to be delayed in their air travel so they decided to end the FAA furloughs. Once again we have the best Congress money can buy.
Roland Dent 2
Right on Mark. Trash with cash.
John Donaldson 2
The White House has blinked. Far too many people know that this has been a deliberate attempt to inflict pain on the public for political reasons when options were available. People have been listening and have not bought the progressive dogma. It is time to lose this "issue" with the willing cooperation of the media.
Roland Dent 1
Total incompetence.