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Squawks & HeadlinesPilot Prosecution in New Zealand - The full story behind Pacific Blue incident in June 2010

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Pilot Prosecution in New Zealand - The full story behind Pacific Blue incident in June 2010

Pacific Blue were a regional airline based in New Zealand. The airline is now Virgin Australia Airlines (NZ). The flight in question was departing from Queenstown, New Zealand for Sydney, Australia. The incident happened on the 22nd of June in 2010. (fearoflanding.com) More...

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preacher1 2
I remember hearing about this when it first happened way back younder. The thing that gets me is that the crux of the prosecution's charges seemed to be that he violated Airline policy. Well, the Airline didn't report it, or otherwise discipline him, and has supported him in this whole process, including paying legal fees. Most testimony was from far off witnesses that apparently had no connection to aviaion, and none of them from the judge on down were pilots. If they were, it was not recorded. Since he did not crash the plane or otherwise injure anyone else, it would appear that his judgement was correct. Those judgement calls are what experienced pilots get paid to make.It shouldn't be questioned and a career placed in jeopardy, by rank amateurs. IMHO
preacher1 2
I can remember back in the day, and I was about 4 months into the left seat on a 707. They were using 7 out of KFSM. There was an approaching squall line from the NNW. Tower said we had about 10 minutes to get off or we would probably have an hour or so wait until it passed. All were on board and we made a quick taxi, came off, right after pulling the gear and all 4 going full bore, as we were going West, I just made a hard right bank and came all the way around to 270 and climbed on out clear. Out of the ordinary but no danger at all, yet if somebody, non pilot type had seen that, they'd have thought how dangerous that was and could have filed a complaint of some type. Same situation here and we have all probably done similar things in our time. Like I said above, a pilot gets paid to make decisions like those from time to time. It is not all black and white and a man's livlihood and career doesn't need to be governed by those that know absolutely nothing about the job!!!!!!!
Toby Sharp 1
I couldn't agree more Wayno