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(Video) NASA’s “Green” Moon Lander Crashes on Test Flight

One of NASA's Moon Landers crashed at the Kennedy Space Center Today. Luckily nobody was injured. ( More...

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Colin Payette 2
Probable Cause: Butchered countdown.
Todd Marks 1
Yeah. WTF was up with that?
Wow- theres more blown up there, then I'll pay for in taxes for lifetime!

It's beautiful man
As they say...."success is measured by failures".
Kind of reminds me of the film shot of the Nazi V-2 program. They had a lot of tests that made the u-turn with spectacular results. Then again I remember the excitement of our first Vanguard launch. We would finally catch up with the Russkies. Come home and watch the launch on television - something like 4 feet up, then settle back down in a spectacular explosion. Space exploration remains spectacular, both positive results and failures.
Kira Andreola 1
That's hard to watch..


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