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Squawks & HeadlinesAnalysis of Royal Air Maroc bird strike at Schiphol

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Analysis of Royal Air Maroc bird strike at Schiphol

“A Unique Occurrence” – Turning an Incident into a Crisis (fearoflanding.com) More...

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preacher1 1
We weren't in the cockpit.
No, but the scenario encountered wasn't uncommon, and reducing thrust on the working engine really forces one to wonder what they were thinking.

If the Captain and FO both believed the situation was unique and could not be trained for, then Royal Air Maroc failed in their obligation to provide training for bird strikes. Therefore, the flight deck crew may have aggravated the situation, but they are not the only cause besides the bird strike.
preacher1 1
You know, that is the only real hard part of that whole thing that can't be explained. I mean, dang, that's flying 101, that you shouldn't need a checklist for. You get speed and altitude to where you can take a little time for cleanup and/or assessment of what you got and then get back down.It looks like every time he brought the power back up that he picked up speed/altitude. As you say, the bird strikes aren't that uncommon, which is what prompted my comment. There is something in there somewhere that is untold.