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Squawks & HeadlinesWreckage of downed Superjet Found

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Wreckage of downed Superjet Found

The wreckage of the Sukhoi Superjet has been found. There is no sign of the passengers. It is unclear if it was mechanical or pilot error. (news.yahoo.com) More...

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David Brooks 3
I hope they are able to recover the data and voice recorders. Maybe that will lead to knowing what happened.

Appears it collided with the side of a mountain. What was the weather like at the time? The story indicated drizzle which I assume means fog/clouds. The the pilots lose situational awareness of what the terrain was?
Dan Grelinger 1
Bruce. A pilot's request to descend could reasonably be a response to mechanical problem that caused the airplane to lose altitude.
Rob Claybrook 1
Very interested to see what happened here. Almost twenty years after the AAL965 wreck how does an airplane that is surely EGPWS equipped fly headlong into a rock?
Terrible. It looks like it flew right into the side of the mountain.
I was thinking the same thing. That accident supposedly spurred an upgrade to the GPWS to include near-vertical obstructions.
Paul Smith 1
From what I know about AAL965 even though they had warning they had there speedbrakes out during the decent that caused the plane to climb slower when they realized they were about to hit the mountain.
n111ma 1
Cumulogranite wins every time!
Bruce Arnold 0
RIP all. But Russian pilots are known for their stunting. Requesting decent below hazards is a clue that this could have been their intent. I pray not, but pilot error of some kind is the most likely cause. Again, RIP.
Paul Smith 0
This is not the picture of the crash site. This is the picture of an AirBlue A321 Crash site. The reporters put out these pictures to draw in more readers...

Paul Smith 0
They haven't even taken pictures of the crashsite yet since no one was able to access it by helicopter. And it was also said that the plane was partly intact too.
It will make me think twice before EVER stepping on to a Russian airline or aircraft made in Russia. Whatever it is, that country needs to get its aviation act together.
tim mitchell 2
Actually this is a Sukhoi-Boeing built plane; I would venture to say that this may just be a terrible case of pilot error.

Hopefully the FedExCargoPilot will not step on a Boeing either, the ones he flies on Flightsim in the FedEx livery...
The A320 crashed during an airshow demonstration flight, and a Boeing 707 demo flight with Braniff personell aboard. Although this is 2012, these things have happened before and the events do not necessarily condemn the aircraft.
David Brooks 1
I have reviewed the Sukhoi Superjet 100 plane and it is as modern as anything produced elsewhere. We really need some information to know why the aircraft crashed. I hope they are able to recover the data and voice recorders. Hopefully they will shed light on what happened.

As for flying on Russian aircraft, it would depend upon model. Most of the early Tu-154s have already been with drawn. The last models of the Tu-154M were best of the soviet era design concepts. It seems that the Russians take a lot of chances in landing in bad weather as a number of recent crashes (last 2 years) are weather related. Maintenance on a lot of the older soviet era aircraft is poor. Lack of proper maintenance and parts has (and looks like it continues) to be a major problem. To keep planes flying, they scavenge parts from other aircraft. Some airports in Russia look like bone yards of old aircraft missing all sorts of items, mainly engines.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Damn Phil, u sure it didn't crash because of Muslims???
lets not switch topics here and put blame on a religion rather than pilot error or a mechanical problem.
If you've read Phil's posts, you would know I'm being sarcastic. Funny how you exclude Russian from the pilot error/ mechanical now. Did you have a change of heart Mr. FedExCargoPilot???
No, but I will be more sympathetic to the country. Russia has had a lot of accidents and I honestly do not think I could step onto a Russian manufactured aircraft or airline. My honest opinion, it was not meant to be offensive. It is very sad to see such a loss of life on a new airplane.
Fair enough...
Ryan Costello -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

SuperJet-100 wreckage spotted in Indonesia

"Helicopters spotted the scattered wreckage of a Russian-made passenger plane on the side of a mist-shrouded mountain Thursday after it disappeared during a demonstration flight in Indonesia with 47 people on board. There was no sign of survivors."

Bob Ziehm -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

First Pictures of Superjet 100 Crash Scene

Wreckage photos have emerged that seem to indicate plane impacted a nearly vertical cliff