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Winners and Losers

Regardless of what kind of business you are in, there is one common component that has massive influence on whether you experience economic success or disaster. That component is known as the customer. Yep, customers are the magic elixir of business, regardless of whether you’re selling toothpaste, muscle cars, or flight lessons. In the end it’s all about the customer. (www.aircraftpilots.com) More...

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Toby Sharp 0
Forward this article to American Airlines
preacher1 2
Toby: I got's a question. Most of my AA flying as a PAX was done on Eagle. While working out of KFSM I got to know a bunch of them and also out of OPS at KDFW after I retired. As a PAX, over the past few years, I came across a lot of folks I didn't know as they had some new folks, so there was no special treatment, but I can't recall what I would call a bad experience. Now, I haven't flown with them since the BR, but all I have seen lately is them taking bad hits on customer service. What am I missing here? Are there just a few bad apples or have I just been lucky?
Toby Sharp 0
I love their Pilots.....just seems like gate agents, and ticket counter fokes would rather be anywhere than working @ AA, some flight attendants as well, one bad apple doesnt spoil the whole bunch however. I probably sounded a little harsh. I just need a kind slapping everynow and then!
Toby Sharp 0
Preach.....this is Wayne right? The Great Wayne I mean

preacher1 1
Yeah, it's me, and I'll give you that. Not much dealing with those folks, even as a PAX. Most times I was pre booked and checked in on line so I headed straight to the gate, without much inter action. Most time on Eagle, so flight duration was short so not a whole light of time there. And you don't need a slappin'.lol. Like I said, I been hearing this from a bunch of folks. What are you hearing about them down there anyway? Other than Parker and Horton making a few public comments, it seems like it's awfully quiet.
sparkie624 1
I think more than Just American needs this one.