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Squawks & HeadlinesA traveler's guide to in-flight WiFi

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A traveler's guide to in-flight WiFi

You're on a nice, long domestic flight. In coach. There's a screaming baby two rows up; the pages of the in-flight magazine are stuck together with someone else's chewing gum; and the 9-inch overhead CRT is showing a 2-year-old episode of New Girl that you've already seen a half-dozen times -- without sound, because you always end up in the seat with a broken headphone jack. Oh, and you have five hours left to go to LAX. (www.engadget.com) More...

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Sean Kelly 2
I wish it listed some of the international carriers that have US service.
Pretty unclear about what coverage there is on trans-ocean flights.
David Medders 1
What is coach??
Chris B 0
Ok so you can get wifi at 35k feet, but airlines don't want to pay for systems that autonomously transmit the kind of data that would have solved the MH370 puzzle weeks ago.
BaronG58 5
WiFi makes money...System that transmits useful data cost money.