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Squawks & HeadlinesRacial discrimination at US Airways?

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Racial discrimination at US Airways?

DENVER, CO – Remember the glamour of flying? Those days are obviously long gone. But that’s not stopping US Airways, though it’s landing them in the hot seat. A pair of African American brothers, McCraig and Miles Warren, claim they were asked to change clothes before moving on up to first class on a Denver-to-Phoenix flight in August of last year. But the brothers say the airline didn`t ask a white guy and a Filipino guy dressed similarly to do the same. (newsfixnow.com) More...

Sang Le
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Ric Wernicke 9
Here is a case of calling racial discrimination when there is no race involved. There is no dress code for revenue passengers, but there is for employee's and guests. There are rules that attach to free transport, and in the case of most airlines there is a written rule or at least an expectation that "business casual" will be worn by these passengers.

While discrimination still exists between any classification of human beings it should be fought hard until all differences between people "just doesn't matter."

This is not one of those cases. Shame on the two brothers attempting to shakedown the airline using the pretext of race. They slap Dr. King and Ms Parks in the face for their contributions to end institutional racism.
I believe you are right on about this being a BS case and basically a Jesse Jackson type shakedown. Descrimination as a whole will never end. There are lots of types of it, not just race. I sure cant play golf at the same clubs where Tiger plays. That's kinda what clubs are all about, choosing whom you associate with. I believe you are from Chicago. The neighborhood taverns there ( I'm an old Chicago boy) don't cotton much to a redneck from Ky, if he isn't with a local. Lol. Some types of discrimination have largely been knocked down. But remember, you can legislate how one is to act, but not how one feels. We all discriminate in some way. BTW, look at our politicians. They have given themselves privilege that nobody else has.
jwmson 7
I'm so old I remember when men dress in coat and ties and women wore hose and heels to fly. Now, the airlines are nothing but intercity buses with wings. Far too many people at airports look as if they just got out of bed and skipped the shower.
preacher1 3
Amen to that, and John, don't beat yourself up on the old age. It really wasn't that far back.LOL
They did! :-(

[This poster has been suspended.]

Safer too if you wear a helmet and fire suit. Lol
Chris Taylor 6
Time Mr Warren's free flying days are concluded.If one has an issue with the dress code,then the free flying concession should be withdrawn.As simple as.No question of race whatsoever.
william koehler 4
That's us keeping the warrens down. He's employee flying for free and this private company has a dress code. Billions given to a ungrateful segment of society.
preacher1 3
In addition to the comments listed below, according to the story, ONE of those guys work for the company, or at least did.lol
william koehler 2
I understand wind shear is a frequent occurance .
william koehler 2
I had been told Texas offered almost the same weather without the Florida traffic. Still it's good to here from pilots from the area. I wish you safe flights not all incidents are pilot induced.
william koehler 2
Yes to both questions. Your life is out of your control at zph.
Toby Sharp 2
Take it from Captain Planet Mr. Warren. Know your employee rules, lets your privileges me revoked...."Knowing is half the battle."
Toby Sharp 1
Yes Sir. With some real weather mixed in....ie..Spring Winds. Icing in winter. you know real wx....not that pristine to good to be true stuff! ha
Toby Sharp 1
Yes....I quickly left training at PCM and relocated to FWS in Texas.
Jackson Franco 1
Blacks love to cry discrimination when there is none. This is a case of black guys thinking that they do not have to follow employee rules. Simple as that.
Loren Lintner 1
Your comment is shallow and small minded. This is not about a whole segment of an ethinc group. This is about one bad apple who happens to work for this airline. He is crying discrimination when there is none.
preacher1 3
Can the Airline fire him for filing the suit or is that discrimination too. One bad apple can spoil the whole barrel. If he wants to bite the hand that feeds him, I say good lick with his lawsuit.
Chuck Me 1
Why even post this silly "article"? Why even have that headline when it's clear the story is much ado about nothing?
william koehler 1
No Franco hit on the head. They complian about everything and percentages of contributions are nil. All America's ethnic persons came from countries where cities are built, they have roads , hospitals , their freedom is what they seek from our country. The only points of modern civilazation in the dark continent was completed by Germans and Brits. Their educated and entrepreneurs are marked as uncle toms or working for the man.
Toby Sharp 1
Hey Willy...2 questions. 1. do they still have that Twin Otter haulin jumpers at ZPH? 2. Does the pilot still fly it like a banshee?!