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Squawks & HeadlinesNTSB identifies origin of JAL Boeing 787 battery fire

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NTSB identifies origin of JAL Boeing 787 battery fire

The NTSB learned that as part of the risk assessment Boeing conducted during the certification process, it determined that the likelihood of a smoke emission event from a 787 battery would occur less than once in every 10 million flight hours. Noting that there have been two critical battery events on the 787 fleet with fewer than 100,000 flight hours, Hersman said that "the failure rate was higher than predicted as part of the certification process and the possibility that a short circuit… (www.ntsb.gov) More...

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Richard Ampleman 2
I'm very impressed with Ms Deborah A.P. Hersman. She is very confident and I believe the NTSB investigation is is very good hands.

Rene Berger 2
Got this from a friend. Subject: 787 Pilot Training -- Firsthand

>> Thank goodness for 65hp PIPER CUBS with no radios!

>> Airlines, an airplane which is destined to replace the 767 and live for
> many years after I retire.
> By the way, last night we passed our MV (maneuvers validation) check ride,
> with emergency after emergency, and the FAA observing. Tonight was our LOE
> (line-oriented evaluation), again with FAA - this time 2 FAA observers.
> It's 0200 and I just got back to the hotel and poured a well-earned glass of
> wine to celebrate. I now have a type rating in the 787. Phew. I'm pretty
> confident this will be the last one for me.
> 43,000 feet. There is a cockpit humidifier switch, and cabin air
> humidification is fully automatic. Cabin windows are larger than other
>Will be some surprises with this level of innovation. Time will tell !
James Farnsworth 1
I am going to post this on a few of the 787 boards to see what I get. In the NTSB conference today the NTSB said that the APU will shut down automatically if there is a problem with the battery and that the battery is the last source of power for the airplane. For emergency lighting and cockpit systems if this is the case I don’t see how a quick fix would be safe to return it to flight more so for long flights over water. Does anyone know how you can get your hands on a flight manual / lay out of the power system? It’s a long 45 min video but one that left me with more questions than answers. Anyone typed on the 787’s?
suz 1
Uh oh ...
Toby Sharp 1
probably not
Karl Lehenbauer 1
It also has a Ram Air Turbine system.
jimorr orr 1
And the radar image of a gnat!
James Farnsworth -1
My thing is RAT’S most I have seen have a very limited output for power and hydro’s. Since most of the 787’s flight controls are AC powered not hydro. If the computer shuts down the APU if it see a problem with the battery like the NTSB says. And the fact that with all the high volt systems and the fact that it seems there was a very large over sight on testing some systems I am not sure a RAT would run the aircraft. I know Boeing airplanes and got a lot of time in them and I guess that’s why I am bugged by the thing I can figure out. To me anyone that don’t expect the unexpected now day is asking for problems. All the PFD’s and MFD’s are nice but I sure miss knowing theirs a cable to my flight controls I can pull on. Lol I had my 14 year old son in an old C-182 a few months back that was old KX170’s Nav/Com’s and no “TV screens” as he called it said how do you know where you’re going? I showed him how the VOR & DME worked them pull out my I Pad.
jimorr orr 2
Come on James, Please get your sentence structure together.
James Farnsworth 1
Dam i phone
James Farnsworth 1
Just seen this pop up by the NTSB. Don't look good for the 787's.
AccessAir 0
Ni Cads....
John Danzy -4
jimorr orr 6
All Boeing naysayers should get your licks while you can because it wont last long. Boeing and its contractors will get the 787 back on line very soon. You know it and so does everyone else. The battery manufacture (Yusa)and Boeing both have very strong reputations.
Toby Sharp 1
oh awesome! hey send me an email about it and ill check it out! Email me here....contact@flightaware.com