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Squawks & HeadlinesAir Force Scrambles F-22's Jets To Intercept 2 Planes Violating No Fly Zone Over U.N. General Assembly In New York

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Air Force Scrambles F-22's Jets To Intercept 2 Planes Violating No Fly Zone Over U.N. General Assembly In New York

The U.S. Air Force scrambled two F-22 military jets to intercept 2 planes that violated flight restricted zone in place for the United Nations General Assembly which is taking place now... (www.thefloridanewsjournal.com) More...

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suz 3
Should have escorted Iran's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's jet out over the Atlantic ...
tim mitchell 2
and shot it like a lame animal...lol
shot it repeatedly like a lame animal LOL priceless
Using a stealth nobody would ever know. Nothing on radar, plane just blew up. Gone to meet Mohammed.
Toby Sharp 2
.....virgins everywhere
N5DW 2
Have any of these interceptions actually saved anyone or anything from a genuine terrorist? Or are they just to give the Air Force boys some practice? And get the Homeland Security folks some publicity? The gov't needs to come up with a foolproof way to get the information to pilots before their flights. How? I don't know - but where there's a will, there's a way. I know I'm getting forgetful as I get older, and sometimes don't check, but this kind stuff subjects me to a fine, possible jail time, and loss of ticket. I try to stay away from politicos whether or not there any restrictions, but I'm afraid I'll slip up someday . . .
Paul Claxon 2
They should have bombed the rat hole !
Toby Sharp 2
.....and then the 2 F-22 Pilots passed out due to faulty Oxygen Equipment again.......
dmanuel 2
From what I can tell, these were never actual security threats, no matter how much embellishment is added to the story. Is there a real story here or just self-promotion?
99NY 2
Wow, F-22's actually flying! Did the pilots survive?
tim mitchell 4
I am pretty sure they probably had a moment of prayer before they departed..lol
troy carvell 1
You do know the f-22's top speed is still classified.
Jack Whetten 1
I agree Tim
a 172 could out run a f22 right?
tim mitchell 3
the shock wave alone would probably scare the 172 into submission...lol
Jack Whetten 0
No. A Concorde would or ably be the only plane faster than a f22
The older model f4's were able to do Mach 2 until they re-engined them
tim mitchell 0
I think a f-22 could have caught the concorde but it would take a while.... maybe not the SR-71