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US deploys F-22s to base near Iran

The U.S. military has deployed several F-22s, the nation's most advanced fighter jets, to an allied base less than 200 miles from Iran. The Air Force strongly denies this deployment is meant as a show of force against Iran or that it is in some way related to a potential strike on Iran's nuclear facilities. Rather, it says this is all part of a routine deployment and "security cooperation with regional partners." ( More...

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Tony Montana 1
Meanwhile Great Britain plans to deploy spitfires from biggin hill as a show of force
thomas binder -4
really posting this on flightaware. get a life.
weatherman04 4
Thomas, why wouldn't I post this on flightaware, and why would I need to "get a life" since I posted thsi on here? This topic is aviaton-related, and it's the first deployment of F-22s. That's big news in the aviation and military world.
Brian Bishop 2
Agreed. Thanks for posting.
shebejammin -6
seriously... fox news... wow we are reaching for stories aren't we...
Ur Mom -5
Would you expect anything less?
Roland Dent -5
right on steve
Brian Bishop 6
And why exactly would this not be news? Moving our most advanced aircraft this close to the greatest threat to peace in the world? Nah, that's not news.


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