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Squawks & HeadlinesWhat's the world's best airport for killing time?

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What's the world's best airport for killing time?

Hong Kong International, already at the top of many frequent fliers' lists for creative ways to spend a long layover (think 9-hole golf course and free PlayStation game poles), is raising the bar with the world's first airport IMAX cinema. (travel.usatoday.com) More...

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Tom Pera 3
I like to find airports with good views of the air traffic
ltcjra 2
JFK has good air traffic views. But I enjoy Amsterdam Airport for its variety of restaurants, private lounges, and shops.
Tom Pera 1
I was thinking of flying into JFK - via Jet Blue - and hang out in their new terminal - looks like it's ideally located - any advice?
ltcjra 1
I have never been there with a domestic airline. I flew to Dubai on Aeroflot (only time and THE last time) last year. From the terminal serving them I saw more B-747s than I have seen in a long time. I got a chance to talk to some international crews and watching a lot of TOs and landings. Take your camera and post some shots here.
Tom Pera 1
Thanks... once flew 1987 or so on China's CAAC in country... only and last time, too!