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B757-200 now 30 years in service

Hello every body first of all I wanted to remember every one that B757-200 has bean flying now for over 30 years by a few days.Second of all and the real reason I started this squawk is because I was wondering if any of you new why every time I flew on a B757-200 (most of them with delta) I always enterd by the the second door to the pilots side I think its called L2 but I could be wrong any info would be appreciated. Thank you all, Sebastien ( More...

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I'm guessing you mean't 757 and not 787 :).Hum from what I know the reason that boeing stoped making the B757 is because they wanted to sell more 737's and with there new 737-900 the B757 was just not needed in there point of view.
What do you want the 757 might be old but it is one of the nicest airplane's that boeing ever built how ever I'm still getting use to the B737-900 I know it takes rufly the same amont of passengers but I find it weird how low to the ground it is.
What I find amazing about the B757 is that even after 30 years in service the majority of them are still flying.
David Berezuk 1

You will find most operators use the 2L door for emplaning and deplaning passengers because when you get on the aircraft 54 passengers can go to their left and the rest go to their right. It cuts down on the aisle blockage for people stowing stuff in the overhead bins and such. If you board from 1L those 54 people sitting in rows 1-9 block other people from getting past, thus creating a slower boarding process.

What a great airplane to fly!!! Long legs & big cans!!!
Wow thank you
alistairm 1
I would assume it's because they don't want you going through First Class.
Ok that would make sense I did not think of that.I can not belive that its bean 30 years that one of my favorite plane fly's some of them are even older than I am.
Root User 0
Thanks for the reminder about how old I am, I remember one time when Orville and I were...


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