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Squawks & HeadlinesSouthwest 7090 - Edwards AFB to DAL to Cherry Hill MCAS - Huh?

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Southwest 7090 - Edwards AFB to DAL to Cherry Hill MCAS - Huh?

Anyone have any ideas? Military charter? VIP? No commercial traffic flys to KEDW or KNKT. I haven't found anything yet. (flightaware.com) More...

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JJ Johnson 3
Alien cadaver shuttle
Bryan Opalka 3
Looks like those flights aren't subject to the Wright Amendment? :)
Brian Bishop 3
It's Cherry Point, BTW.
kyle dunst 2
Yeah, SWA does a lot of military charters
Frank Mazzeo 2
I figured it was a charter but very rare for KEDW.
Matt Molnar 1
Military charter. Not that unusual.
Kawaiipoint2 1
saw this yesterday as well. SWA does quite a bit of military chartering around the country. A lot of the major carriers do. Go to a military base on flight aware and look at recent arrivals and departures, you will probably find a flight