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Squawks & HeadlinesPay Your Aircraft Note, or Nick, Will Pop you

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Pay Your Aircraft Note, or Nick, Will Pop you

Considered "The Best of the Best", Nick Popovich and his Team stop at nothing to repo unpaid aircraft, Including "friends" of Bernie Madoff (www.salon.com) More...

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Roland Dent 3
Wayne (the preacher) and me would do well repossessing the crumbs of C-150s and Pipers these guys are too busy to bother with. Both of us are open to offers right now.
Ricky Scott 3
Just dont forget the tie down chains.
preacher1 1
You know Roland, I am starting to enjoy my back porch and that Red Diamond Sweet Tea so don't hook me up too tight here.LOL
Toby Sharp 1
I fly the 150 like a maniac and am as sneaky as a black snake crawling through a bunch of eight balls. I'm in.....
Don't stay on that porch too long Preacherman, the joints are gonna tighten up...
Roland Dent 1
Believe me Wayne I live that life...after a year you will take anything going...hahaha. I am lucky in that I have four K9s in here with me and they don't answer back!
preacher1 1
Oh I'm moving around enough to keep from getting stiff, you know, to the icebox and back for more tea.lol. On the serious side, my physical goes out the end of May. I am gonna go ahead and take it this week and apply for the diabetes waiver again. Pills for years and a dozen waivers in the past, but there is a new crowd out at OKC this year. I may just get it all typed up and hand carry it out there and let some old friends introduce me to the new crowd. If they are granted, I have found some things to do. I haven't looked at them rael close but if that waiver don't grant, I don't think I could even do a 3rd class to fly a 150, what with the diabetes.Got a friend over here that wants me to do some ground school teaching but if I can't go up every now and then, I don't think I want to even be around it
I thought the third class would be easy to get even with medical issues...
preacher1 1
Well, I may have to look it over closer but I'm a thinkin' I looked it over awhile back and seems like there were several things that would require waivers on all tickets; That was the reason I just decided to try and keep this one; if I've got to go thru the process anyway. I'm gonna run this out and if granted I'll be OK anyway, and if they don't then I'll get serious about looking into the other. Got a good doc over in FSM that stays up on that all that. I'll talk to him this week anyway and find out for sure.

RobSJC 1
Nick was on Discovery Channel recently .. The company does anything, jet, prop or helo of any type .. but, of course prefer the larger, mre costly, as the "rewards" are better ...
Fletcher Reister 1
I had recently watched Airplane Repo and I got hooked on that show; the man gets whatever he's going after and that's that! The last one I saw he had to get 2 A320's across the pond and 1 or both had some problems but he eventually got them back to the hangar.
sparkie624 1
Those are great programs. I have enjoyed them.
Jim Quinn 1
Like the show, but have only seen a couple of episodes on the telly...
preacher1 1
I saw that too Rob. His bunch is good and in a lot of cases, aircraft owners don't look on a plane as they would a car or something closer. Takes all kinds though.lol
Roland Dent 1
I get very emotional about 12 year old Corolla...not saying things come before people but I would not be happy if any of my beloved Toyotawere taken from me. You might say I am a shallow kinda person...they can have the Porsche, that thing is as cold as ice.. The same with women..I just adore anything Japanese.