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Squawks & HeadlinesWorld's worst airline: N. Korean carrier hopes to expand

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World's worst airline: N. Korean carrier hopes to expand

The world's worst airline is expanding--if it can get its website to work. North Korea's Air Koryo is reportedly planning to expand to Southeast Asia and Europe despite international sanctions against the communist state. (www.usatoday.com) More...

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preacher1 5
Laughingstock of the civilized world, not only the airline but the whole country. A lasting picture that stays in my mind is one posted here a month or 2 back of all the generals with all the medals hanging. Enough brass there to keep a plane on the ground and to my knowledge, only the one war, er, conflict, in the early 50's. Tell me pride and status don't play into their culture. They may be glorious in the eyes of those below them but they are a bunch of blustering buffoons in mine.
siriusloon 2
It was a war. You might try asking anyone who fought there. Too bad you can't ask anyone who died if it was just a conflict. Incidentally, the war never ended. There was only an armistice and both sides are still officially at war. If you don't think it's ongoing, ask the family of the American soldier who was murdered by axe-wielding North Koreans at the "truce village".

It's very generous of you to call the country a "laughingstock" and "a bunch of blustering buffoons" when that only applies to a handful of their elite. The vast majority of their people are starving, but I guess facts would get in the way of you mocking them.

As for military uniforms, have you seen a Russian general in his full dress uniform? Or an American general in his? Not many square inches of unadorned fabric visible in either case.
preacher1 4
My Dad was a Korean Veteran and I spent my time in South Korea, so I know full well that it was a war. I believe that myself and other vets cringe each time our fabulous government or anybody calls it a conflict. I believe if you will reread my comment, I did not demean the whole country, ONLY THE GENERALS. While the dress uniforms of the Russian or US Generals may be somewhat flashy, they are in most cases earned and not obviously fabricated as those fools are.
preacher1 2
I guess I did use WHOLE COUNTRY in my post and to the people of North Korea I must apologize, but nothing to all the blustering buffoons in their power and glory trappings pretending that all is Ok, when there is opulence inside the gate and starvation outside. All back to the culture though, plus communism vs democracy. Been there, Done that, Seen that, it ain't pretty. People act like robots in a lot of places.
joel wiley 1
The public face of the country is not the whole country. Your comments are valid for the public facade. The starvation never gets the press that the glitter at the top does.
Amazing how many countries have fools for leaders. Lol
Ric Wernicke 2
38 53 52.0 N 77 02 11.32 W
I don't even have to check those out.
Jim Murray 1
In the summer of 1950 (June 25) after north Korea sent soldiers south, President Truman's response was called a "police action," not war or conflict. He acted without congressional approval, thereby skirting the law. Only congress can declare war. We should never have gone there. But we had to stop those dirty communists. Remember Joe McCarthy?
preacher1 1
Yeah, and eventually was under the auspice of the UN, with us having the lions share of the troops as usual. However you call it, whole bunch dead. Whole bunch of survivors made Christian that weren't already. Actually it would have all been cool if we'd have just stopped at the parallel but we went on across the country to the back of the Yalu river and that pissed the Chines off. We need to take a less from history and not make them mad again.
Jim Murray 1
Does anyone remember the 21 American soldiers who became prisoners of war in north Korea and refused repatriation after hostilities ended? They were thought to have been "brainwashed." Eventually a few of them came home, some with Chinese wives, their transgressions pardoned. Of course many north Koreans didn't return to the north, either. First use of the term "brainwashed" I think.
joel wiley 1
Wikipedia reports "
The Oxford English Dictionary records its earliest known English-language usage of brainwashing in an article by Edward Hunter in Miami News published on 7 October 1950
but then, it is wikipedia
allan milnes 1
During May 2013 I travelled in North Korea from the Chinese border to the DMZ and back. I didn't see any starving people or beggars [maybe they where kept indoors while I travelled past !!] Whatever peoples views on their political policy the country is worth a visit. Very clean [I saw 5 pieces of rubbish in 4 days.]I saw Pyongyang Airport 5 Koryo aircraft lined up on the tarmac.I've visited the DMZ from both North and South Korea and the propaganda talk is much more aggressive than the north.
joel wiley 1
sounds like a pleasant trip.
However, I am reminded of the statistical caveats regarding trend analyses on a sample size of one.
Are you Jane Fonda ??
Ric Wernicke 4
Don't be alarmed. Ryan Air will hatch a scheme (Brits like schemes) to retain the bottom slot.
John Donaldson 1
They obviously haven't counted my vote yet...easily US Air.
Randy Michel 1
Yeah those Tu-204's and IL-62's can really give the Boeing's and Airbus' that dominate a real run for the money. Their paint scheme needs an update. Might I suggest an image of their "beloved leader" on the tail?
CaptainFreedom 1
Hey those IL-62Ms are pretty cool looking with the 2 sets of twins on the tail. I tried the website....no luck :)
allan milnes 1
Visited North Korea in May 2013. Well worth a visit. On the train from China saw Pyongyang Airport with 5 Koryo aircraft lined up.
David Vendt 1
I feel anyone who spent their time on the Korean penninsula should have gotten veteran of foriegn war status and all the privilages, if you want to call them that, that goes with it. Not only did we keep the north out of the south but we also kept the south out of the north. I was there 1982-1983 and was in the 2ND ID 2nd Avn.Bn.
Thank all of you who served over there.
SootBox 1
They'll probably lead all airlines for one way tickets.