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Squawks & HeadlinesNYC sightseeing helicopter down in Hudson River

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NYC sightseeing helicopter down in Hudson River

New York (CNN) -- A sightseeing ride in the skies over New York City turned into a whole different kind of adventure on Sunday when the helicopter made an emergency landing in the Hudson River. (www.cnn.com) More...

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Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Please , please . Do not give WRONG headlines JUST to sensationalize ! It is criminal to do so , yellow journalism at its worst . The chopper did not go down IN the Hudson river . It went down ON the River .
The original news has the headlines "Chopper's emergency landing on Hudson"
I hope the author knows this much of English language !
And am I right that the chopper was equipped with pontoons ! So where is the Q of going "down in Hudson river" ?
On ground if an aircraft makes an emergency landing , do we classify it as "air crash" ?
preacher1 3
Apparently it had emergency flotation on it. They were clearly shown on CBS news this morning. Pilot called a hero; he said BULL, just doing my job. He did it right.
Torsten Hoff 1
With all due respect, at the time I posted the squawk, the headline said IN because I copied and pasted it without making any changes. I did the same for the synopsis.

Thank you.
Torsten Hoff 1
>> The original news has the headlines "Chopper's emergency landing on Hudson"

For what it is worth, I just clicked on the link I posted and CNN's headline still says IN, not ON.
Daniel BA 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Helicopter plunges into the Hudson. Captain Sullenberger Reloaded!

Luckily no one was hurt during this scary emergency landing on the Hudson, Again!