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Squawks & HeadlinesAugmented reality apps from Cessna to see jets up close

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Augmented reality apps from Cessna to see jets up close

Interesting idea to turn a flat brochure into an interactive 3D model with an iPad. (www.cessna.com) More...

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michael dallaverde 2
Cute, but viewed (for me) as a waste of money!
Colin Payette 1
Not necessarily. It could just be an app they pushed out to test the technology for something else in the future.
Zachary Colescott 1
Really not sure (given today's technology) why it's not already being done...so whatever.
Ken Lane 1
Betcha they never produce one for a piston engine bird!
john public 0
Well, this is an interesting link... complete with flightaware-specific tracking identifier... "utm_source=flightaware"