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Canadian airlines still Wi-Fi dead zones

Board a major American carrier such as Delta, United or American Airlines, and you’ll see it — the little blue Wi-Fi symbol, inviting you to check your e-mail or log into Facebook at 30,000 feet. But if you’re Canadian, and have the urge to surf the web from the skies, you will have to keep waiting. (www.theprovince.com) More...

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joel wiley 2
If you feel you cannot live without connection for the duration of the flight, may I suggest:
preacher1 2
Link don't come up my friend. Not your fault. Looks like the site, but I am sure it's informative.LOL
Brian Lager 2
Both major airline permit Wi Fi over US airspace. However, DOT would have to approve any move by the airlines to have the same in Canada. And we all know how fast they move.
JetMech24 1
What does the DOT have to do with Canada?
Brian Lager 2
Nowadays it's called Transport Canada. Formerly known as DOT. Those of us who had to deal with them still call it DOT. Old habits die hard. Including Joe MacBride at Buffalo. He also has another name for them which I wont repeat.
JetMech24 1
Ahh, thank you for the explanation, much appreciated.


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