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Balloon Carrying 16 crashes in Texas

A hot air balloon with 16 people aboard crashed Saturday morning in central Texas after catching fire in flight. (www.cnn.com) More...

Four people dead after medical plane crashes in northern California

Around 12:30 a.m. local time Friday, the Piper Cheyenne aircraft containing three crew members and one patient departed from airport in Crescent City, California -- about 20 miles south of Oregon. Search teams from several agencies including the Coast Guard, Humboldt County Sheriff's Department and Cal Fire fanned the area trying to locate the crash site. (www.cnn.com) More...

Air Canada A320 breaks windshield in CYYC hail storm

Looks like they were only a mile or so from the threshold - the windshield broke and CYYC was under a thunderstorm so they diverted to CYQL at 200 kts and FL100. (flightaware.com) More...


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